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Indie Songwriter - Piano & Synth based

Working on new videos that include soundtracks, originals and covers-
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  • YouTube

Video - Over Over You (original)

Just a women's frustration when she deals with others assumptions on her life style.  Mutual respect goes a long way.  

  • Over Over You

Video - Hearts Last Beat (original)

This song has been rolling around in me for awhile.  It's about rediscovering yourself and finding someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with.  Shouldn't be that complicated right?

  • Hearts Last Beat

Video - Lean on ME (cover mix)

It's been a crazy time the last few months.  Created this mix to share my thoughts and emotions around COVID 19 and how it has impacted our lives.  Hang in there!  We gonna get through this. 

  • Lean On ME (cover mix)

Video - I Can't Help Falling in Love (instrumental cover)

Great song that lends well to a chill cover layered with synths and piano.  Created a video containing colors associated with the songs content.  Don't we wish we could bottle up the feeling.....

  • Comeback Story (Instrumental Cover)

Video - Comeback Story (instrumental cover)

Always enjoyed listening to this song.  For awhile it was my personal anthem.  However, I am doing well so dedicating this one to our planet. needs some attention right now.  We only get one.

  • Comeback Story (Instrumental Cover)

Original Song & Video - Honest & Genuine

My latest release is about surrounding yourself with people that are honest & genuine, not always easy to find in today's media driven social experiences.  It has a great vibe and I hope you enjoy it and share with friends that you consider honest & genuine. 

  • Honest & Genuine

Original Song & Video - HITTING BACK

This next song, which will be part of my Sunshine and Rain album, is about doing you even when others try to manipulate you.  It has a dance techno beat...enjoy!!

  • HITTING BACK - Becky Pierson

Original Song & Video - Sunshine and Rain

Check out the video I created for this song which contains footage of Great Falls National Park of the beautiful tree lined paths and water falls overflowing from the recent rains.  See the Behind the music tab on the meaning behind this song.

  • Sunshine and Rain - Becky Pierson


Three of my songs, ThankfulLivin It, and Moving On have been included in WAMUs Capital Soundtrack Project. Listen to them on my Behind the music tab or like them on SoundCloud. 

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