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Over Over You

I enjoy going out and listening to music.  It's interesting that you find a lot of live music in bars.  It's not interesting when men assume that if you are at bar and alone that you are there for one thing.  So many lines over the years, so many assumptions.  I am smart and I am not looking for that.  We all just wanted to be treated with respect in the end.  For those women who choose to travel solo at times or in groups, either way we just want respect and it goes both ways. Best of luck in your travels and adventures!!

Genuine & Honest

I wrote this song many years ago and it started out as talking lyrics about different people I have encountered in my life.  So many people that I wanted to trust, however so many people that had agendas.  It seems the pattern repeats itself until you make a conscious decision to not allow those types of people in your life. As much as you want to believe the best in people you realize that some people only care about themselves.  I am much better at shutting out the people who are not honest & genuine, as time is a precious commodity not to be wasted.

Hitting Back

This song has developed over many years of dealing with life, work and people.  Being a woman can bring obstacles you wouldn't imagine.  I don't use it as an excuse, just as knowledge that some people will have opinions and you can't let that stop you from achieving your personal and business goals.  Eventually they figure it out.  Some just can't imagine that you might be pretty smart and how being creative allows you to achieve in a way that's not always so obvious to others.  It's okay, do your thing, it works out in the end. :)

Sunshine & Rain

Welcome to the first release from my latest studio recordings.  It took me a couple of months to bring this song together, but it started one day when I was sitting at the piano and thinking through my single life and the different people I have met over the past few years.  It's funny how some people you instantly connect with and others not so much.  I find it easy at this point to put my defenses up and not let people in because sometimes they are disappointing.  So the song is me talking to myself about trying to stay open and what kind of people I would like in my life.  I also created my first video for this song.  Check it out on YouTube and enjoy the walk through Great Falls Park (wait for the part of the overflowing water after some heavy rainfalls)

Shimmers of Light

One of my favorite songs, this one came to me when I was sitting at a winery watching the sun go down. The light was beautiful and literally shimmering through the treetops. I started reflecting on where I was in my life in that moment. It had been a crazy year and I had a health scare. Wow, one of the scariest points in my life. I thought the divorce was bad, this was worse. You always want to be there for your kids. So I appreciated the chance to be in that moment, spend more time with my kids and enjoy the new relationships in my life. It can be hard to start your new life, the second round after divorce. Being alone can by a sweet reward and a deep sadness at the same time.

U Deserve to Smile

I was sitting at the piano and I had a moment of clarity going I really do deserve to be happy and so do all of us.  For some reason I have always been hard on myself.  Not okay with just being me.  Learning to focus on what just brings you joy.  So this is me supporting you and focusing on what brings you joy.  Playing music brings me happiness.  It’s an amazing creative outlet.  So find that thing for you and just allow yourself to enjoy it.  

Bare Soul

At this point in my life I had sold the house my children grew up in and was renting a townhouse with these big beautiful trees. I would write while looking at them. Very calming for me. I have always enjoyed being amongst the trees.   I had a friend in my life who was also a musician and I very much enjoyed playing music with him.  This song just came out when we were playing one night. It was at this point in my life that I felt like finally I could stop pushing. Much of my life was about preparing for the next steps, college, marriage, kids, career. Now I was just trying to slow it down and enjoy each day.  Appreciate the good stuff and learn to be just me!

Hard to Say

I had entered a studio to start recording songs.  The first single was done and released and the second single was in work.  Then I received news that one of the owners had taken his life.  So young and so talented.  I had no clue.  I wrote this song because I don’t think any of us can quite understand why somebody does this.  I plead that anyone reading this understand it can’t be undone, so is this really solving anything?  I actually think it is selfish.  What you leave behind are people who will always wonder, but it is Hard To Say why.


I was thinking about we have so many experiences in our life and how they shape us and not wanting to forget all of the happy things even when they get muddled in with the stuff that is not fun. When we get old will we remember all the right stuff? Surround yourself and build your life around the happy times and the people who bring joy in your life. Let go of those who don't. It's so hard to keep the positive momentum going when people around you can get caught up in the past and what didn't go right. At times life will suck, just remind yourself everyday of the good.


This song was written about its title. This was a time when I had received good news about my health scare. So it was time to be Thankful. Also, a good friend of mine had gone through a similar health scare, so we were both lucky. Sometimes it’s hard to be Thankful everyday, but truly we are lucky to be able to have more time on our journey. Learning to make the most of the journey takes focus.  So easy for people and work to sidetrack us. If we remember one thing everyday it’s to be Thankful.  Thanks to my children, to my friends and my music!

Livin' It

I was in this very happy place and pictured how I was feeling when driving along in my car in a country setting, passing by the trees and fields and feeling settled in my new life. Enjoying the freedom of doing what I want when I want. Not being dragged down by managing stuff for other people and focusing on moving forward and the joy you can have in embracing yourself and your new life. Just being happy.

Leavin U Leavin Me

This is the first song I wrote after my life was instantly changed when my ex made some decisions that would change the whole family.  I expected the change would eventually come, but not the way it did.  I think many of us have felt like this during our marriages, but I had hope that things could possibly turn back, but it was not meant to be.  I am not going to blame anyone as lots of things lead to the change.  I do wish the kids did not have to live through the drastic transition, it was tough on all of us.
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