I am a songwriter/musician who grew up playing piano and keyboards.  I have been told some of my music I write is a mix of Tom Petty and Imagine Dragons. Sometimes they are just instrumentals inspired by emotions or creating and instrumental cover of a current song. 
Music is the part of my life that I can always depend on to be there whether I am happy, sad or somewhere in between. I hope what I write inspires you or gives you something to relate to in life.  Some days are great and some days could be a little better.  In the meantime I keep creating.... because it's my passion :)
Create, Explore, Live & Love

The Long Story:


I have loved music my whole life. I even went to Belmont University in Nashville for a brief moment when I was younger in hopes of being in the music business.  My background was in classical piano and I also played for all the chorus groups from sixth grade through my senior year in high school and for my children's schools.


Sometimes you get on a path and lose track of your creative self. I became a CPA, a wife, a mother and lost the passion I had for creating music for over 20 years. I began to wake up about 7 years ago and watched my marriage fall apart. 


Since then I have been immersing myself in music.  In some ways it has been my therapy. For the first few years I was letting go of my past.  I have written a lot of music and it still continues to pour out of me. After a few courses at Berklee and much work, I recorded my first mini album.  It's a tale of changing times.    


I have written more than 100 songs.  They are my journey of creating.  My original intention was to write music for film and TV, but I also hope that my songs can help others through the various changes we all experience in life.  


I am a women focusing on a path I wish I had started sooner, but if I can inspire others to take the next steps to create than I am okay with that.  Just take one step at a time.......

I have started to release songs from my second short album.  You can also find additional songs on Soundcloud or my videos on my YouTube channel.

Feedback always welcome and appreciated :)